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The day of his death, Pasolini spends his last hours with his beloved mother and later with his dearest friends, until he finally goes out into the night in his Alfa Romeo in search of adventure in the eternal city. At dawn Pasolini is found dead on a beach in Ostia on the outskirts of the city. In a film dreamlike and visionary, blending reality and imagination, it reconstructs the last day in the life of this great poet.

Starring Willem Dafoe. A terrace overlooking Havana. Five friends gather to celebrate the return of Amadeo after 16 years of exile. From dusk to dawn, they reminisce about their youth, the group they used to form, the faith they had in the future — also their disillusionment.

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Following the recent jihadist takeover of northern Mali, a proud cattle herder comes into fateful conflict with the fundamentalist rulers of the provincial capital, in this luminous, lyrical and poetic drama from the great African filmmaker Abderrahmane Sissako. This subtly comic blend of fact and fiction follows a middle-aged married couple in Tblisi, Georgia, as they deal with the fallout from an unclear, potentially fatal prognosis. Céline Sciamma Water Lilies , Tomboy returns to the Festival with this raw, raucous but tender look at a group of black high school students living in the tough banlieues of Paris.

The latest from acclaimed sibling directors Josh and Benny Safdie Daddy Longlegs blends fiction, formalism and raw documentary as it follows a young heroin addict who finds mad love in the streets of New York. Class barriers threaten the budding romance of two young lovers striving to realize their artistic ambitions.

The superstitious inhabitants of a small Malaysian village go to ever sillier extremes to exorcize the "ghost" they believe is haunting a dilapidated house, in this boisterous and richly observed rural comedy. A Parisian philosophy professor transferred to a dull provincial town Loïc Corbery learns to cut loose and live a little after he meets a brassy blonde coiffeuse Emilie Dequenne , in this charming romance from director Lucas Belvaux The Trilogy. A Japanophile young Belgian woman in Tokyo falls into a whirlwind romance with a Francophile Japanese student, in this charming and tender tale of young love and cultural discovery.

Facing both family tragedy and the unpredictable rhythms of nature, two teenagers on a subtropical Japanese island find solace in each other, in this gorgeous and poetic cinematic vision from director Naomi Kawase Shara , The Mourning Forest. Jonathan Nossiter follows up his hit documentary Mondovino with this profile of four radical vineyard propietors in Italy, who are striving to produce all-natural wines in the face of market and governmental pressure.


The astonishing collaboration between exiled Syrian filmmaker Ossama Mohammed and young Kurdish activist Wiam Simav Bedirxan distills footage from thousands of clandestine videos to create a shattering, on-the-ground documentary chronicle of the ordeal being undergone by ordinary Syrians in the ongoing civil war. Israeli-born director Tamara Erde visits six independently-run Israeli and Palestinian schools to investigate how history is taught in this contested region. Through stop-motion animation, drawings and interviews, directors Amer Shomali and Paul Cowan recreate an astonishing true story from the First Palestinian Intifada: Hanoi, Vietnam.

A teenage girl has to grow up fast when she finds out about her pregnancy. She urgently needs money for an abortion. Ironically, the only man willing to give it to her has a fetish for pregnant women. French rapper, author, and spoken word artist Abd Al Malik makes his directorial debut with this adaptation of his autobiography, chronicling his upbringing in the crime- and drug-ridden streets of Strasbourg and his life-changing encounters with hip hop and religion.

The intersecting destinies of three people — a Moroccan-Iraqi writer searching for his brother, the lover whom he left behind, and a young orphan on the run — create an incisive and unsettling portrait of a land riven by violence and fundamentalism. Three parallel love stories set in three different cities are set against some of the major international events of the last five years, in this ambitious, globe-spanning feature debut from director Rooth Tang.

This feverish, suspenseful mixed-media animation follows a grief-stricken French expat in Taipei who obsessively tracks down the man he believes is responsible for killing his family. Aïssa, a young Congolese woman living illegally in France, must lie about her age in order to stay in French territory. Through the coldly scrutinizing lens of a medical examination, director Trehin-Lalanne probes the deeply personal implications of territorial boundaries that dictate the legality of an individual.

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This beautiful, tightly constructed portrait of male friendship is set against the raucous and grisly backdrop of an abattoir, where best friends and skilled workers David and Wani diligently ply their trade as they dream of opening their own butchery. Mais qui lui pèse encore plus quand elle est invitée à un énième mariage. Hors de question de se retrouver une nouvelle fois à la table des célibataires. Elle a déjà donné. Alors quand la future mariée, lui demande sur un ton moqueur, si elle sera accompagnée à son mariage, Claire qui ne supporte pas sa condescendance, lui dit que oui.

Oui, elle sera accompagnée!

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  4. 62 Best baignade images | Artists, Drawings, Etchings.
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  7. Potentiellement réalisable. Mais il faut aussi que cet homme soit beau, disponible et sexy à faire baver les autres de jalousie. Finalement peut-être pas si facile que ça à trouver…. Elle va choisir Théo. Il a tout pour répondre à ses critères voire plus.

    62 Best baignade images | Artists, Drawings, Etchings

    Du coup, leur mensonge passe inaperçu. Théo est un homme sexy et torride mais pas que. Ajoutez à cela, un physique séduisant, un profond attachement à sa famille et il vous fera craquer.

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    Claire est une belle personne, qu'il est difficile de ne pas apprécier. Dès les premières lignes, je me suis attachée à cette jeune femme. Peut-être parce que je me suis retrouvée dans certains aspects de son caractère. En tout cas, même si la relation entre Théo et Claire évolue vite, la combinaison de ces deux personnalités nous offre une très belle histoire. Une histoire dans laquelle se mêlent attirance, amour, méfiance, secret… Narrée sous le point de vue de chacun des héros, elle est tout simplement parfaite.

    En bref, un deuxième tome bien meilleur que le premier. Melanie Harlow. Happy Crazy Love. Hugo Roman. New Romance. À l'affiche. Derniers posts. Rechercher par Tags. Abbi Glines. Agnès Martin-Lugand. Alana Scott. Albin Michel. Alessandra Torre. Alfreda Enwy. Alice Clayton. Alicia Garnier.

    Alix Marin. Amy Harmon. Angela Behelle. Angela Morelli. Anna Todd. Anouska Knight. Atelier Mosésu.

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    3. 79 Best Inspire images | Artworks, Picasso art, Steve mcqueen style?
    4. Au Plaisir des Sens. Audrey Carlan. Audrey Dumont. Aurélie Valognes. Bad Romance. Baptiste Beaulieu. Barefoot Bay. Battista Tarantini. Beachwood Bay. Bella Frances. Betty Angel. Big Rock. Bit Lit. Black Riders. BlackMoon Romance.